GOLDFISH bracelet

Transalpino, 2011

This porcelain bracelet was created as part of the transalpino “made in between” project in 2011.
It was a combination of two local craft traditions in eastern Germany – hoop turning and porcelain making.

For over 200 years, the town of Seiffen has been known for its unique way of making toys.
On the lathe, tree slices are artistically turned into hoops, the cross-sections of which produce silhouettes of animals.
Only when the tyre is later cut into many pieces are their silhouettes actually recognisable. Wooden figures can be
produced in large numbers in this way.

About 170 kilometres to the west in the Saale valley lies the town of Kahla, where high-quality porcelain has been
produced since 1844. Today, KAHLA / Thüringen Porzellan mainly manufactures household products and is also
known for its project work with external artists.

The fascination of a twisted wooden hoop is here directly transferred into a piece of jewellery made of cast porcelain.
The bracelet shows a fish in the cut, painted in gold.


Fotos: Sven Funcke

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